This placement will see me based at the University of Melbourne working with some of their 31 amazing museum collections. I will be undertaking several different projects with these collections to further develop my curatorial and collections managment skills . . . I know I'm going to have lots of fun along the way too!!

Wednesday, 18 July 2012

More New Skills!

Looking at rare books for my display

With my first book cradle! Can you tell how proud I am?
I am now more than halfway through my placement here in Melbourne and I am beginning to see the culmination of my projects. I am putting the finishing touches to my children's treasure hunt for the Cultural Treasures Festival (I hope children enjoy it!) and I have almost completed my research on the Egyptian objects in the Classics and Archaeology Collection at the Ian Potter Museum. Today I was working with Kerrianne Stone at the Print Collection; I have completed research on five prints and am now working towards my display of several rare books titled Leaves of the Literary Garden. Kerrianne has been fantastic to work with and was very patient with me today as she introduced to the process of making book cradles. Having no skills in this area prior to today the going was a little slow, but learning to make these book supports (essential for rare and fragile volumes) is a good skill to learn and I am certain that I can implement it in the future. I've really enjoyed organising this display, especially the challenge of working with material that I have very little knowledge of. As a result I have broadend my research skills and had further experience of creating extended panels and object labels. Keep your eye out for pictures of me installing the display next week!

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